Why did I choose this?

Ok so you might be wondering why I have chosen to blog about places that have been abandoned? Well let me explain why! I’m fascinated by the past, I want to know what life was like for those people living in that time, Was it a hard life? What did they do? Why were they in this place? Why did they visit this place?

Imagine for a moment you are standing in a hallway of an abandoned hospital, the paint is peeling of the walls, the windows are covered in layers of dust, and the hallway just keeps on going and going, and then stop!

Close your eyes and listen……was it a children’s hospital? Perhaps you can hear children laughing and playing in the background, was it a psychiatric hospital? Can you hear the muffled voices of patients talking to themselves, or was it a rehabilitation hospital? Can you hear the encouraging words of the nurses and physiotherapists.  At one point in time everything was normal, people were working, the sun was shining, children may have been laughing, and a patient may have taken his first step. So what happened?

This is what I’m fascinated in, what was the event that took place for these once bustling places to cease operating. Why did places get abandoned? For me the one event and the one place that really sparked my interest was Chernobyl, the explosion of the reactor and the events that followed were by far the most intriguing that I have read and viewed. The townsfolk weren’t told to leave straight away; workers were recruited to help stem the flow of radioactive material, children who decades later still bear the after effects of radiation poisoning.

A city that stands alone trapped in time, in silence, no one to fill its streets, no children to laugh and play, no cars, no noise, nothing, just the sound of the breeze, the aging metal rusting, bending, breaking. The city will crumble, buildings that once stood tall will be reduced to dust,  and it will be about 600 years before man can once again populate the area but it could be up to 48,000 years before the radiation is reduced to nothing.

The place themselves fascinate me, I want to know why, how, who was there, what was it like, where did the people end up, will these places ever see life again or will they stay forever dark and alone?


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