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Designs, K. 2011. Abandoned Building in Panama City, Florida. Image. flikr.

If we look at the photo to the right we can see an abandoned Gas station or at least this is what it appears to be or is it?

This is your first step on discovering what lies hidden within the walls, which direction will the story unfold? Let’s look at the photo and start to strip back the layers:

  • Take away the weeds,
  • Imagine the fence has all its paling’s, would it have been left plain? Or perhaps it was painted white to match the building.
  • Lets paint the canopy back to the dark blue it was, the poles would have been a baby blue and stick bowsers in between, but are we sure that is what went there?
  • Now that the forecourt is done lets move to the building.
  • Let’s strip back the plywood from the windows and garage doors, imagine the doors up in the garage with the noise of the mechanic fixings the cars.
  • Take the plywood from the windows, if you were standing in front what would you have been looking at through the windows?
  • If it was a gas station maybe you would have seen shelves filled with lollies, canned goods, beverages etc.
  • Could it have been a repair shop?
  • Would there have been car parts lining the shelves all that shiny chrome throwing back your reflection?

You’re free to imagine any story when you look at the photo, its your journey, it’s all about imagining what it was like all those years ago, would you have wanted to live in that time? did you live in that time? So what’s the next step? I guess it’s a personal decision but I’m inquisitive and hopefully you are too so let’s do a Google search and see what we come up with…


– This is a news article informing us that the council is seeking permission to demolish the building.


– Another article highlighting permission to demolish the building.

So the fate of this building has been decided, but the fun was in imagining its story, trying to find out what happened, the thrill is in the chase so to speak. Bear in mind that my research is taking place online, if your intention is to photograph these buildings in your area please seek permission first as many are still on private land and you could get arrested for trespassing!  Online you find out so much more!