Why did they leave Wittenoom

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It must be near to 50c, the heat is unbearable, the sun is beating down and the air is thick but that is outside and its worse here in the mine and the mill, barely able to breathe and needing flood lights on during the day to see through the dust. That’s how hard the […]

Why did they leave Atlantis Marine Park Yanchep?

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For those that grew up in Perth in the 1980’s will no doubt remember Atlantis Marine Park located in Yanchep, the iconic King Neptune sitting upon his hill with his triton in one hand and the other out laid in a welcoming gesture.  The dolphin statue that greeted you at the main entrance as you made your way […]

Why did they leave the Castle Fun Park?

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For those who lived in Perth in the early 80’s would no doubt remember The Castle Fun Park located in Halls Head in Mandurah on the corner of Old oast road and Leisure way, it was built-in 1979 by George Kaspar (“Call for castle fun park to reopen,” 2011).  Who could forget the Bavarian Castle and miniature village, […]